Are YOU Ready To Live Life …

Without Limits, Without Stress, Without Fear,

Without Lack, Without Loss, Without Worry,  

& Without Regrets?

Don’t Just Exist, Live Magnificently!

The “F.L.O.W. Experience” focuses on allowing you to be the best you can be, both personally and professionally. 

This highly participative and immersive experiential program helps you uncover powerful and effective lifestyle and work habits in ways that encourages reflection and paradigm shifts to a winning mindset. 

The “F.L.O.W. Experience” is for you if:

  • You want to realize your full potential both personally and professionally 
  • You wish to focus on what is right and work on what needs improvement within yourself
  • You seek fulfilment through personal growth and development
  • You need to work on improving your financial status and goals

The Ultimate Life Experience – Success In All Areas Of Your Life

  • You are keen to improve the quality of important relationships in your life both personally and professionally
  • You are able and willing to come with an open mind and participate wholeheartedly in the program and uncover for yourself universal truths surrounding success and the success mindset

The “F.L.O.W. Experience” puts you on the road towards achieving your personal and professional goals by providing you with the mental modes, tools and frameworks to help bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

The Company

SuccessMindset is a people-orientated organization that focuses on providing personal, professional and business development training and education for individuals and corporations to develop a POSITIVE MINDSET for success in every area of life.

Participants have the opportunity to breakthrough limiting thought patterns that inhibit success while opening up exciting future possibilities.

While individuals gain on personal and professional levels, businesses stand to benefit tremendously from the increased motivation, creativity and commitment of team members who have been exposed to our programs allowing businesses to leverage from their human resource capital.

We invite you to explore the exciting learning and development opportunities that SuccessMindset offers.

Historical Background of The “F.L.O.W. Experience”

Developed and launched in 1983 by Gurmit S. Sidhu, the program was initially called the Dynamic Awareness Training (DAT).  Later it was renamed the “5-Day Experience.” To keep up with the changing environment it went through several changes to its structure while maintaining its essence.  In the late 90’s it evolved into the “Abundance & Wealth Experience.”

The “F.L.O.W. Experience” has been revamped with some of the latest and most powerful methodologies to produce results quickly for achieving personal, professional and business success in today’s information age.

Gurmit S. Sidhu is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist and director of several successful businesses. He is widely recognized as one of the top authorities in personal transformation and business development. Having enjoyed life’s rollercoaster rides many times, he knows what FLOW is all about first hand.

The "F.L.O.W. Experience"

Here are some of the benefits you enjoy by participating in the “F.L.O.W. Experience”

Reach the highest levels in your business and career…

Achieve success in all your personal, professional and business endeavors...

Earn all the money you will ever need and attain financial freedom…

Create supportive, loving relationships in your life …

Enjoy good health and be free from stress and physical discomfort …

Attain peace of mind and be in tune with the universe…


As seats are limited, you are advised to register at the earliest to ensure your place is reserved. Allocation of seats is on a first-come, first-served basis.



The first 50 participants receive a 50% discount off the regular fee including an 88% savings for a companion.